The SeedTrust® Process

SeedTrust® is in business to help families grow. The SeedTrust® team provides expertise in managing escrow funds with specialized knowledge of the surrogacy process. Our confidential and easy-to-use online portal ensures that all payments are managed and distributed securely and on schedule, with communication and support throughout the process. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure you have the appropriate contracts, financial records, and agreements secured before you embark on this journey.

How it Works


Contact SeedTrust® to let us know you’re interested in using our secure, trustworthy and easy-to-use method to manage the escrow fund for your surrogacy or egg donation. We’ll kick off the process by emailing you, your surrogate, your agency, and the parties’ legal counsel. We’ll provide you with clear instructions each step of the way.


  • SeedTrust® will send an escrow agreement for review and signature via secure online delivery. This agreement outlines the terms of escrow management.
  • Once all intended parents and surrogates have signed and returned the agreement, a completed copy will be shared with all parties for your records.
  • A unique account will be created for you and your surrogate on our secure, cloud-based portal. This portal is accessible 24/7 with real-time status of funds, and access to all agreements and financial records.


    • SeedTrust® will work with you to retrieve any relevant financial / banking information and contracts. These documents will outline the payment schedule and will be stored in the secure online portal.
    • Once the financial information has been provided, we will instruct you how to transfer the appropriate escrow funds to the attorney managed trust account.

Let us do the rest:

      • Payments will proceed from the fund to the surrogate, based on the agreed-upon schedule.
      • You will be automatically notified of any changes, updates, or alerts affecting the fund.
      • Any Requests for Reimbursement will be submitted for approval prior to any funds being paid out.
      • SeedTrust® will lead the communication to the surrogate regarding expenses, receipts, and any other records.
      • We will continue to work with all parties and to help settle disputes, ensure Disbursements are paid out on the agreed upon dates, and to make sure Reimbursement Requests are processed in a timely manner.


How is the SeedTrust process different from other companies?

Surrogates and Intended Parents have become accustomed to the complicated, antiquated and frustrating process of the industry’s current escrow experience. From the lack of communication to only receiving documentation after multiple requests to inconsistent payment schedules, both Intended Parents and Surrogates waste valuable time and even money.

Using SeedTrust for your escrow needs introduces you to a new way of managing your funds. It gives you 24/7 access to all of your documentation through your own unique client portal (you can even download the app to your phone or tablet), customized alerts before payments are sent out and when anything has been updated in your portal, and a new and easy scheduling process that we ensure all parties agree upon before we distribute the first payment. Additionally all documentation in your client portal is in real-time; when a benchmark payment or reimbursement is made it is automatically reflected in your ledger, which you can access at anytime.

How do I signup for the Client Portal?

Once all parties have signed the SeedTrust Escrow Agreement, an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to create a unique username and password for your Client Portal. Once you have established your username and password you can easily access the Client Portal through your desktop computer, mobile browser or you can download the app for your phone or tablet.

How do I know the Client Portal is secure?

The Client Portal is maintained by the secure document repository company SmartVault. SmartVault has been in business since 2007, and today thousands of business and accounting professionals use SmartVault to store and share their business documents securely online.

SmartVault hosts your data at CyrusOne, in Houston, Texas. The CyrusOne facility uses physical barriers, video surveillance, and a professional security staff to keep the data center secure and protected. CyrusOne has a SSAE 16 assessment report available. This report is available by contacting SmartVault’s support. Further, CyrusOne has been independently validated as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. More information on CyrusOne’s security can be found at

Who will have access to my Client Portal?

In addition to the surrogate and intended parents, your escrow agent, SeedTrust’s C.P.A. and office professionals (support staff) with proper entitlements, will have access to all documents uploaded to the Client Portal. We will honor any strict confidentiality requests should you require limited office personnel having access to your portal. Additionally, we recommend not sharing your password with anyone and storing it in a safe location.

How will I know when a new document has been uploaded or downloaded?

Notifications are an easy way to be notified of upload or download activity in a folder. Gone are the days when you have to follow up with someone to see if they got the document you shared with them. The Notifications feature will let you know if someone has viewed or downloaded a document from a specific folder. It will also notify you if someone has uploaded a document to a folder.

    • Notifications come directly to your email. If there are multiple events occurring within the time you've set for your notification frequency, you'll receive a digest of the events.
    • The email contains, who did the activity, the file name, and the date.
    • You can also set the frequency of notifications. Get them every 15 minutes, once a day, or twice a day, or never.
What if I accidentally delete a document in my Client Portal?

Don't panic! The Client Portal has a Version History and the Recycle Bin. That way you can always restore an earlier version of an overwritten file, or resurrect a deleted document from the Recycle Bin. Click here for more information about the Recycle Bin.

Should you need additional help please contact us.

Help! I forgot my password. What do I do?

You can request a password reset at any time from the SeedTrust Client Portal Sign In page. When you request a password reset, you are automatically sent a password reset email from SmartVault Notifications ([email protected]) to the email address associated with your user ID. Simply click on the link in the email and then type in and confirm your new password. For additional information please click here. We are always available by phone or email should you require further assistance.

How do I download the Client Portal app for my iPhone or iPad?

The SeedTrust Client Portal SmartVault iPad and iPhone apps are available in the Apple App Store.

With the SeedTrust Client Portal iPad and iPhone apps, you have a command center right on your mobile device that you can use to browse, search, view and share stored documents. For information on using the Client Portal on a Android device click here.

With This Feature You Can...

  • Get and send links to files from your iPad or iPhone
  • Email files as attachments from your iPad or iPhone
  • Search for files on your iPad or iPhone just like in the SmartVault Portal
  • Easily upload photos to your Client Portal – really handy for taking pictures of receipts (or any other images you need to upload to your Client Portal)
  • Works with other iPad and iPhone apps that support the “Open in…” feature to share files between apps.
  • An enhanced PDF viewer in full-screen mode. This is fantastic for viewing PDF files on your iPad and a great way to run slide shows right from your iPad (if you save presentations to PDF one slide per page).

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301 Clematis Street
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© 2017 All Rights Reserved

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