This week in Financially Fit Friday, we have scoured the interwebs in search of the best budget friendly shopping deals, travel tips, and party planning ideas for the 4th of July holiday weekend. So here’s our Financially Fit Friday Roundup. We hope you find it useful for your holiday celebration!!

Road Traveling Tips for the Independence Day Weekend

CNBC outlines some handy tips for those traveling by car over the holiday. We especially liked the tip “avoid gas stations near state lines when filling up the car”…who knew?

The list of tips can be found here:

50 Cheap Recipe Ideas for the 4th

This list has 50 of the easiest, most budget friendly recipes for your holiday weekend. From grilling favorites to festive drinks to summer salads, there are more than enough options to satisfy a party crowd.

From the Cheap Recipe Blog:

4th of July Party Ideas on a Budget

American flag pinwheels and mini apple pies have us wanting to throw a holiday bash! Britni from Play Party Plan took everyday items found at your local dollar or craft store, worked her magic, and created a party table that would make even Martha jealous.

See the list of ideas here:

Did Someone Say Online Promo Code?

The team at put together this fantastic list of the best online sales. With discounts like J.Crews an extra 40% off sale merchandise to H&M’s up to 60% storewide, we might have to sneak away from our festivities to do some online shopping!

Full list of deals can be found here:

The Ultimate Summer Stock List

The Queen of Free, Cherie Lowe, is one of our favorite budgeting babes and her guide for how to save by stocking up for summer will keep your pantry stocked and your wallet full from the 4th to Labor Day.

The full post is located here:



We hope you have a safe and fun filled holiday!! 

—SeedTrust Escrow


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