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Welcome to our news section. Here you will find all of the latest information from SeedTrust®. Our news section provides information on all of our latest happenings in addition to helpful and useful articles on the surrogacy and reproductive communities.

Escrow Dispute Management and Resolution

About ART Escrow & SeedTrust - Dispute Management SeedTrust was honored with the opportunity to speak on an escrow panel called, "Escrow Is Your Friend (until it's not)" during the SEEDS 6th Annual Spring Conference. The panel discussed what escrow is, why it...

Saving for College? What You Should Know About 529 Savings Plans

Q: We received a 529 plan from my parents as a gift for our newborn, how much should we invest in it each year? --Sylvia R. A: Hi, that is a great gift! Much better than an oversized stuffed teddy bear from a life planning perspective. Saving for college isn’t a...

Top 5 Financially Fit Friday Posts

In this week's Financially Fit Friday we have rounded up the Top 5 posts, which cover everything from the adoption tax credit to using HSA's for your surrogacy.   1. What You Need to Know About the Adoption Tax Credit and Surrogacy     2. Is Egg Donation...

Find Out What Surrogacy Expenses Can Be Deducted From Your Taxes

Q: Can you claim any surrogacy related expenses on your taxes and if so which ones? P.P. A:  The short answer is yes, you can deduct certain surrogacy expenses on your taxes. The long answer is, the majority of the expenses will not be tax deductible. The tax courts...

7 Expert Tips on How to Save for Surrogacy

Q: I'm reading everywhere that surrogacy costs can be upwards of $75,000. How can my partner and I start saving for this?  --Robert N. A:  Hi Robert, this is an excellent question and I will cover some of the best ways to jumpstart your savings plan. Surrogacy costs...

Here’s How Surrogates Can Save Money on Taxes

Q: I am a surrogate and declared my payment as taxable income on my taxes, can I deduct my fertility treatments and travel?  --Mandy R. A: Hi Mandy, thanks for the question and let's jump right in and look at how you can deduct your expenses. Ok, now that you have a...

Using Your FSA and HSA for Surrogacy Expenses

Q: Can we use a FSA or HSA for our surrogacy medical expenses? ---Charles E. A: Hi Charles, This is a great question and one that I am asked often at SeedTrust. These accounts can be great for medical expenses. Your income is deducted from your paycheck pretax and is...

Is Egg Donation Taxable Income?

Q: I recently donated my eggs and received over $5,000 but under $15,000. The agency never gave me a W-9, do I have to pay tax? I read on a forum that you only pay tax if you receive more than $15,000? What should I do? ---Emily M. A: Hi Emily, Thank you for sending...

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301 Clematis Street
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